If you live in the New York / Connecticut / New Jersey Area and are Looking for an Alternative, Green, Sustainable, Holistic way of living, Whole Web Direct is the Holistic Business Directory for you.

Whether it be for Holistic Healing, Alternative Energy and Environment, Art, Exercise, Learning, Foods, Farming, Recreation, Animal Care, or Homesteading, we aim to provide the most Eco-Friendly Business Directory in the Tri-State Area.

Organic Foods, Holistic Health Practitioners, Bookstores, Gyms, Yoga and Martial Arts, Housing Materials, Pets, the whole spectrum of Holistic Services for full and natural living are represented on our pages. There are also links for Social Movements, Politics and Political Organizing, Spirituality, as well as an Events Calendar for Artistic Happenings and Community Actions and Meetings near you.

Whole Web Direct is designed for ease of use. With more than 250 categories in our Alternate Living listings, and growing, whatever you are looking for, whatever you are interested in is just a click away.


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